Breedlove Wellness

Christian based whole life coach offering private coaching & programs.


Hello, I am Maven Breedlove, MBA, a certified Whole Life Coach with expertise in Self Awareness & Forgiveness Coaching. I primarily work with people who are deep divers looking to elevate their consciousness. I support my clients in becoming consciously authentic by strengthening their ability to be self-aware.

95% of people think they are self-aware, but only about 10-15% are genuinely self-aware. My Self Awareness Coaching goal is to improve intrapersonal relationships by examining behavior patterns and analyzing close relationships while assessing internal beliefs of self through subconscious and conscious questioning.

My primary purpose as a life coach is to increase the number of self-aware persons while providing healthy stress management skills. Self-awareness means being aware of trigger points and intense emotional outbursts. My goal is to encourage the power of self-awareness and help clients confront their fears, limiting beliefs, and unhealed traumas.?

I look forward to helping you become your consciously authentic self.?

-Maven Breedlove, MBA {CLC}

Core Values

Authenticity, Truth, Accountability, Dedication

What is a Whole life coach?

A whole life coach is a certified coach who counsels all domains of life, which include: health & nutrition, neuroscience, relationships, career, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How Can I Help you?

As a Whole Life Coach I can help you:

  • navigate through emotional blockages?
  • strengthen your self esteem, self awareness and authenticity
  • overcome your limiting belief systems
  • enhance your self trust and intuition?
  • understand your reactions/triggers to stress
  • suggestions for self regulation
  • provide healthy stress management techniques
  • develop a healthy relationship with the inner self

Who do you work with?

I typically work with deep divers (people who are ready to do deep soul work) millennials and adoptees.