Breedlove Nonprofit

Breedlove is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Michigan in 2020. We offer FREE holistic services to black adoptees while educating families on understanding the black adoptee experience.

The Breedlove nonprofit is especially special because it is created by a black adoptee who understands what black adoptees need. Our team is committed to providing a safe space to amplify black adoptee stories while providing them with resources and guidance in navigating through their adoption trauma while learning to balance both families’ adoptive and biological.

Our Programs

12-Week BSAP Program Breedlove Self-Awareness Program

The Self Awareness program aims to improve intrapersonal relationships by examining behavior patterns and analyzing close relationships while assessing internal beliefs of self through subconscious and conscious questioning.

6-Week Program BADIS Program

Balancing Adoptee Dual Identity & Self-Image Program

The BADIS program aims to provide adoptees who struggle with balancing biological and adoptive families with emotional support and stress management techniques to aid in accepting both aspects of ones dual identity.

At Breedlove, we firmly believe in the power of radical forgiveness and self-awareness. Our adoptee programs are created by our Founder, Maven Breedlove, a black adoptee who balances adoptive and biological families. We pride ourselves on the principle of collaboration. We enjoy working with adoptees who are willing to do the work to navigate through their adoptee trauma. Our programs were created the way our president healed himself with the help of his long-time therapist. The BSAP program is explicitly centered around assessing one’s level of self-awareness to help in accepting the truth while developing an authentic conscious.

Our Values




Radical Forgiveness

Self Awareness

Self Forgiveness